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The All-In-One Package


Most businesses will benefit with a web presence, a 24/7 information portal of/for your business. Today's web is essential for all businesses; it is, effectively, the Yellow Pages of old. If you didn't have a phone listing in the Yellow Pages, you weren't in business. From restaurants, bars, social clubs, limousine services, to grocery and liquor stores, from the small mom-and-pop operation to major corporations - if you're in business today, your customers expect to find information about your business on the Net.


Imagixx understands that your emphasis is the running of YOUR business, not in developing or maintaining a Net presence for your business. You're best at what YOU do. Imagixx is best at what WE do - providing your business with a distinct, credible Net presence.


What is the bottom line? What can I expect to spend for a website?


Every business will have their own particular needs. In general, if you're the average small business, you can expect to spend somewhere between $400 and $900 to acquire a web presence that:


  • consists of less than ten web pages (average cost: $125/static page)
  • provides all the essential information users expect
  • is unique to your business
  • has your "look and feel"
  • is easy for your users to work through
  • encourages your visitors to want to deal with you
  • makes it easy for them to deal with you
  • works for you - attempts to achieve your objectives
  • is search engine friendly


Obviously, if you need fancy programming to create interactive elements, or database interaction, or e-commerce capabilities, then you're looking at, potentially, a lot more.


The following data should provide you with a good indication of what you can expect to spend for a completed website that satisfies your particular needs, with the following features. These are only "averages"; individual business needs, of course, will vary greatly:


Website Development Price - Data Summary


Project Sub-categoryLargest Project PriceAverage Project Price
Ecommerce Website$22,500$1,250
Flash Animation$24,020$523
Flash MX$16,820$707
HTML Email Design$4,500$273
Internet Marketing$7,715$907
Online Forms & Database Integration$17,360$802
Search Engine Optimization$15,430$967
Simple Website$7,715$377
Usability & Interface Design$6,053$695
Web Design & Development$20,700$860
Web Programming$25,715$868
Summary: Website Development$25,715$799


How Do We Get Started?


We've made it a simple, efficient four-step process.


  1. Order the two hour minimum for web consultation (order below).
  2. Next, download and complete the appropriate worksheet(s) from our Website Development Package. To keep your costs low, we have our clients select from hundreds of professionally designed website templates. You'll select the template you would like for your business from either one of our hundreds of Free Website Templates, OR select a template from one of our more specialized hundreds of Premium Templates.
  3. Provide our Website Design Team with the appropriate worksheets. Your worksheet(s) will include and define the details of your template selection, text, custom logo/artwork, etc. and the items that you would like to change/incorporate into YOUR website; the worksheets become, effectively, your website's project plan. Should we have any questions, we will call, e-mail and/or (New York City only) meet with you within 72 hours (normal business hours M-F) of our receipt of your RFQ to discuss your goals. Our two-hour consultancy-fee is payment for our initial consultation/review.
  4. Based on our review, we will provide you with a written quotation. Our quotations are generally calculated on our hourly rate of $69.65 for the majority of work that we will have to undertake in order to achieve your goals, from the development of basic information pages to complete interactive database-driven shopping cart(s) with payment gateway(s). Should you require minor edits/corrections/changes, we'll do that for free during the first six months. After that, or for more than minor edits/modifications, we charge the same rate billed in 15 minute minimum increments.


Free Webhosting OR Free Web Design SPECIAL


Imagixx will apply 100% of monies that you spend within our All-In-One Package (excluding your premium template purchase and domain registration), to our standard hosting costs!!!! For example, if you paid $300 for your completed website, Imagixx will credit that amount in its entirely to your monthly hosting costs. At the $9.95/month hosting plan level (which fits most websites), you would get 2 1/2 years of hosting - absolutely FREE. If you think about it, with this program you will be getting either a free professionally designed website (since you're paying for the hosting, effectively, in advance) OR free hosting (since your paying for the website's design).


Even if you select another web designer, or decide to "do it yourself" (It really isn't that difficult, and it is made easier with the templates and other website tools that Imagixx makes available to all of its webhosting customers.), you won't hurt our feelings. You'll still get our review, and two hours of consultancy - effectively for free - since you can apply 100% of this program to your Imagixx hosting fees!



  • Website Development
  • Two (2) Hours Consultancy
  • 100% Applicable to Hosting Fees
    (Cannot be combined with other offers.
    Dedicated services excluded.

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